About us


The Coalville  Drama Group (CDG) was founded around 1951. Originally founded with the Adult School movement, along with many other groups, all using the Adult School Hall. It is possible that the group actually started earlier than 1951, as the primary focus of the group was entering play festivals, and there is evidence that the group did participate in Leicestershire festivals.

Our earliest record of plays was a set of three plays for the ‘Festival of Britain’ in 1951, we still have the original poster! 

CDG have not always performed at the Adult School Hall, we have occasionally performed as mentioned in the Leicester Drama Festivals, travelling to Leicester on the local bus service, complete with scenery. Car ownership was not that common in the 1950’s!

In the earlier years of the CDG, 2 or 3 plays per year were performed, rising gradually to the quarterly production calendar that we enjoy today. A number of pantomimes have been produced which are also very successful, both in attendance and reception.

Present Day

The Drama Group has always attempted serious drama as well as comedies and farce. The wide range of productions is an excellent indicator to the strength of the society, with a particularly pleasing amount of TV adaptations also.

The Drama Group has maintained a membership of around 40-50 members, all participating in the production of the plays, from on stage roles through to the production support and backstage. 

All our members are normal people (mainly!) who usually have a day job too, and this is their hobby. It is quite an addictive hobby, with many members joining and staying for years. Of course as people leave, other join, so there is a continual change to the membership, and our audiences enjoy seeing different people up on the stage. Many of our members were originally in the audience themselves, so perhaps you many be thinking about joining us? I can assure you that you will have a great time, and no kit, equipment or special clothing is required! Ask any member about joining. You’ll be given a warm welcome.

Over the years, the Drama Group has continually improved the stage technical equipment, the lighting, the costumes, and scenery, all to support improvements in the quality of the plays offered. This continual improvement carries on today.

The choice of plays and productions is unique in the field of amateur dramatics, where the director/producer chooses and casts their play. This method of working does ensure that we have avid and passionate directors who believe in their play, rather than committee chosen plays looking for a director to produce them. We believe this certainly gives us an edge in the plays we can offer, and looking back through our past play catalogue, it is fantastic to see the wide range of types of plays we have tackled. It is wonderful to have presented over 250 productions to our loyal audiences, and we look forward to many more years of drama, laughter and fun.