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A Bit About Us:

Our group is always looking for like minded people to join our fantastic company. Whether you want to be on stage, designing sets, producing plays, creating wardrobe, building sets, sound and lighting technicians… there is a place for everyone!

We have all sorts of people, young and old, experienced and beginners, all are wonderful!
It’s a group effort at production times, some on stage, some behind the scenes… there are sooooo many jobs that need covering on every production and each one is just as valuable as another.

To let us know you are interested, please fill out the form below and we reply to you with a date and time for you to safely come and visit us at the hall.

What to Expect Next:

Upon your arrival we will have someone to show you around our great facilities including; The Stage, our Wardrobe Loft, The Lighting & Sound Gantry and the rest… we can answer any questions you might have as we take you around. We aim to invite you along to the first rehearsal of the the following show to give you a chance to take part in a play as soon as possible, so please be patient if we do not reply to you immediatly, if we are in the middle of a show we will need to figure out when the next best date is to have you along.

We really look forward to meeting you soon.