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The Vicar of Dibley – Coming Soon

The Vicar of Dibley

Director: Dave Cornes

The 100-something vicar of the small English village of Dibley has passed on. A new vicar has been requested for a replacement. What they get is Geraldine Granger, a non-traditional, chocolate loving, rock n’ roll playing vicar. That is not what gets the citizens of Dibley in a uproar though. It’s because she is a woman. Still, that doesn’t stop Geraldine from proving her worthiness to the village. After time, the villagers (with the exception of influential David Horton) accept Geraldine as The Vicar of Dibley.

Dates: To Be Advised!

Bums On Seats: 15th – 18th December 2021

Bums on Seats

Director: Ben Cooper

“In a tatty provincial theatre, a new play called ‘Fecund’ is being staged. This uproarious adult comedy introduces everyone involved in a series of hilarious scenes linked by a chorus of usherettes. The stage manager has a blinding hangover, the leading actors range from pretentious to bitter to plainly incompetent, the new marketing assistant used to work for British Rail, the author is lecherous and unscrupulous and the others are just as outrageous. The second act centers on the audience, an equally mixed and unharmonious group. Chaos erupts just as the theatre’s major sponsor arrives. Funny, satirical and technically inventive, Bums on Seats is a treat for theater fans from start to finish.”

Dates: 15th – 18th December 2021

“Abigail’s Party” – IT’S BACK!!!

After a long year of lockdowns we are finally getting back to normal and as such, we are overjoyed to announce the return of the Coalville Drama Group’s presentation of Abigail’s Party.

To all those who had previously purchased tickets, please make sure you hold onto them as they will still be valid and as an additional bonus we are pleased to say that you can use the ticket on any performance night that you wish, you will not be limited to the same night you originally purchased the ticket for.

Since Lockdown a lot has changed for many of us and the Cast of Abigail’s party has been no exception. While we would love to fling open the door and usher you all in, we have had to do a little recasting and rehearsals are currently underway to get us all back into character and give you the First Post-Lockdown Play that you deserve.

We would like to take the opportunity of thanking everyone in advance for coming along to the show to support us. We really look forward to seeing you all.


We will just pretend this bit didn’t happen shall we?

“It is with deep regret that myself, the director, cast and crew have made the decision to postpone the play until further notice in light of the current global circumstances relating to Covid-19 and government advice to the threat to the success of the play.

We at the group are thankful for your support and it is your safety that is paramount to us and it is this that which swayed the decision to postpone the play.

Let me assure you that we will be putting this play on in the future when we deem it fit and will advise accordingly.
All tickets purchased will still be valid when the dates are rearranged and we are happy for you to use them for any night of the play.

Thank you for your ongoing support, patience and understanding in this matter.
Keep safe and well, we are all looking forward to seeing you again soon.”